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Using BlueConic Dialogues in Lifecycles

Lifecycles enable you to organize and sequence the marketing touchpoints along customer journeys. BlueConic lets you add dialogues as marketing touchpoints in sequenced stages along a customer journey.

Key points: Placing Dialogues in Lifecycles

  • Dialogues that are placed in a lifecycle stage are shown only to profiles in that stage of the lifecycle (and subject to threshold limits).
  • Dialogues used within lifecycles are shown to profiles that meet the lifecycle criteria, the lifecycle stage criteria, and all the criteria listed on the dialogue's Who tab.
  • When you add a dialogue to a lifecycle, it will only appear to profiles included within that lifecycle (even if the dialogue criteria might otherwise include profiles outside of the lifecycle). For this reason, reusing existing dialogues is not recommended.
  • A best practice is to create or reserve dialogues solely for use in the lifecycle, instead of reusing dialogues you expect to use outside of the lifecycle.
  • Turning a lifecycle on or off has implications for which profiles are exposed to dialogues included as marketing touchpoints. Turn the Lifecycle on first, and then turn related dialogues and connections on. See Turning lifecycles on or off for details.

Dialogues and Lifecycle Priority settings

The Priority setting for a BlueConic Lifecycle enables you to control the relative priority of dialogues competing for the same position on a mobile app or web page. BlueConic dialogues also have priority settings on each dialogue's When tab.

What happens when several dialogues are competing to appear in the same position? BlueConic evaluates the priority in two steps: first, the Lifecycle priority determines which dialogues progress to the second evaluation step, where the remaining dialogues are evaluated against their own dialogue priority.

Watch the video: Lifecycle Priority in BlueConic


Key points: Lifecycle priority settings

  • BlueConic lifecycles and dialogues both have priority settings that determine which dialogues to display first.
  • Lifecycle priorities are considered first, and then dialogue priority settings.
  • If after considering the relative priority settings, two or more dialogues have the same priority level, they will be shown to the customer in a round-robin fashion where each time the page is reloaded, a different dialogue appears.

Setting the priority level for a BlueConic customer Lifecycle

  1. Open your BlueConic Lifecycle and click the Priorities drop-down menu.
  2. Choose a relative priority level for this Lifecycle, in our example: highest, high, medium, or low.
  3. Save your changes.


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