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Turning a Lifecycle on and off

At the top of each Lifecycle in BlueConic is a toggle switch for turning the Lifecycle on or off. Once you save your settings and turn the Lifecycle on, profiles in the lifecycle will be exposed to touchpoints for their current stage.

Note: In order to save a Lifecycle and turn it on, you first have to set up stage criteria for each stage in the Lifecycle.

What happens to touchpoints when a Lifecycle is switched on or off?

When you turn a Lifecycle on

A message appears to remind you that once you turn the lifecycle on, the dialogues and connection goals used as marketing touchpoints in each stage will be shown only to profiles in that stage.
In addition, when your lifecycle contains dialogues or connections that are switched off, they will remain off after you've switched the lifecycle to On. Dialogues and connections will not be automatically switched On when a related Lifecycle is switched on.


This is important to know, in case one of these touchpoints is used elsewhere in BlueConic.


When you turn a Lifecycle off

Touchpoints remain active when a lifecycle is switched off. When you turn off a lifecycle, its marketing touchpoints no longer apply to the lifecycle stage audience but to the touchpoint’s entire eligible audience. This could result in unwanted targeting. You can manually switch off unwanted dialogues and connections.




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