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Defining criteria for Lifecycle audiences

When you design a customer Lifecycle in BlueConic, you determine which profiles enter the Lifecycle and how they progress through the Lifecycle. A lifecycle can map to your customer journey. You can build your audience based on BlueConic profile properties, group properties, segments, and consent objectives - or a combination of these (Lifecycle criteria). 

Within each Lifecycle, you also specify what qualifies profiles to move through each stage of the Lifecycle (stage criteria) and what it means for a profile to successfully complete the Lifecycle (completion criteria).

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Best Practices: Criteria for adding profiles to lifecycles and stages

How to set Lifecycle audience criteria in BlueConic CDP customer lifecycle orchestration

Here are some questions to consider as you define the audience for the lifecycle as a whole, for each stage, and as completion criteria for profiles that finish the lifecycle.

  • You specify the audience for a customer lifecycle by setting Lifecycle criteria. Profiles must meet the lifecycle criteria in order to be part of a lifecycle.
  • By setting stage criteria, you can determine when these profiles enter each stage. Lifecycle stages are mutually exclusive, which means a profile can be part of only one stage at a time within a single lifecycle.
  • You use completion criteria to specify which profiles have finished the lifecycle.
  • Profiles not assigned contains all the profiles that meet the lifecycle criteria but not any stage criteria. 

Selecting your audience with Lifecycle criteria

You determine which customer profiles enter this lifecycle by setting Lifecycle criteria, using any combination of profile properties, group properties, segments, and consent objectives - or a combination of these.

  1. Click Change criteria to open the Lifecycle profiles criteria window.
  2. Define your audience by selecting from the conditions (profile properties, group properties, segments, consent objectives, or a combination of these) profiles must meet to enter the lifecycle.
    How to set customer audience parameters, segments, and audiences for BlueConic customer lifecycle stages
    At the top right corner you see the number of profiles that qualify for this lifecycle (in this example, 1.06M profiles).

Defining Lifecycle stage criteria

Use Lifecycle stage criteria to define which profiles are part of a given stage.

  1. Click the audience icon in a lifecycle stage.
  2. Use conditions to select which profiles should enter this stage.
    Note: You must define stage criteria before profiles can enter a lifecycle stage.

    Setting customer audience criteria for lifecycle orchestration and marketing orchestration in the BlueConic CDP
  3. Choose the profile properties, group properties, segments, and/or objectives that profiles must meet to enter this lifecycle stage.
    The Audience icon within the stage shows the number of profiles in this lifecycle that qualify for this stage -- or, when your lifecycle is switched on, profiles that are in this stage (in this example, stage 1 includes 9.92k profiles).
  4. Click Close.

Setting Lifecycle completion criteria

You use Lifecycle completion criteria to define when a profile has successfully completed the lifecycle. Profiles that have completed the lifecycle are not part of the lifecycle anymore.

Note: In order for a profile to complete the lifecycle and join the completion group, the profile must meet the completion criteria you set and also have been exposed to at least one marketing touchpoint in the lifecycle. A profile will not qualify as having completed a lifecycle merely by chance of fulfilling the completion criteria.

How to set completion criteria for marketing lifecycles in BlueConicIn this example, zero profiles have completed the lifecycle.

Profiles not assigned to a stage

Profiles that meet the lifecycle criteria but do not meet the stage criteria, and have not completed the lifecycle, are held in the Profiles not assigned category.

What does profiles not assigned mean in a BlueConic customer marketing lifecycle stage?

In this example, 588k profiles meet the criteria to enter the lifecycle, but do not (yet) meet the stage criteria for the Evaluation or Purchase stages of the lifecycle. We will use the marketing touchpoints in this stage to move these profiles along the lifecycle.

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