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BlueConic Timeline event types

BlueConic Timeline events for storing order data and doing time-based roll-upsBlueConic stores event-based data in Timeline events on the profile's timeline. A variety of preconfigured Timeline event types are available for storing customer events in a profile's BlueConic Timeline

BlueConic CDP first-party customer event data

Custom Timeline event types

You can customize these event types and create additional custom Timeline event types as well. See Creating Timeline event types for details.

Standard, preconfigured Timeline event types

BlueConic provides several Timeline event types out-of-the-box, by default. You can download these preconfigured Timeline event types from the BlueConic plugin gallery.

  • Abandoned basket event type
  • Email delivered event type
  • Email link clicked event type
  • Email opened event type
  • Order event type
  • Order refund event type, with three statuses: refund requested, returned, refunded

Start by adding the plugins to your tenant (instructions are here). Once you've added them, you can examine these event type plugins and their properties by selecting More > Timeline event types from the BlueConic navigation bar. The Timeline event types page shows all the default timeline event types as well as any custom event types in your tenant.

Example: Timeline event type for Order refunds

In the Timeline event types page, click on an event type to view its properties. This example shows the Order refund event type.

BlueConic out of the box Timeline Event Types.png


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