Notebook - Single cell (Insight)

Use this insight in a BlueConic dashboard to show the output of the last execution of a single cell of an AI Workbench notebook.

The Insight and its controls

This example shows how the Notebook-Single cell insight displays AI Workbench results for a single cell in a Jupyter notebook.

visualizing results of single cell of AI Workbench notebooks in BlueConic


configuring insight and dashboards AI Workbench machine learning notebooks in BlueConic

Notebook (required)

Select or enter the name of the AI Workbench notebook whose output the insight will display.

Select cell number (required)

Enter the cell number (counting from top to bottom) whose output you'd like to visualize in the insight.

how do I count Jupyter notebook cells in AI Workbench machine learning models BlueConic

In order for the insight to display results, you need to execute or run the selected cell in your notebook first.

See also

To display the last execution of all cells of a notebook, or multiple selected cells, see the Notebook - All cells insight.