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LiveRamp Connection

How to exchange customer data between LiveRamp and the BlueConic customer data platformWhat: The LiveRamp connection allows you to export profiles that are part of a BlueConic segment, to better target audiences through LiveRamp. This connection supports batch export.

About BlueConic: The BlueConic customer data platform harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem.

Why: Exchanging data between BlueConic segments and LiveRamp audiences enables retailers and brands to tie offline transactions and conversions to online ad exposure in a privacy-conscious manner. 

Creating a LiveRamp connection

  1. Click Connections in the BlueConic navigation bar.
  2. Click Add Connection.
  3. A pop-up window appears. Enter "LiveRamp" in the Search bar.
  4. Click LiveRamp connection.
    The LiveRamp connection page opens. You can expand or collapse the metadata section at the top of the page (favorite, labels, and description) by clicking the gray chevron.
  5. In the metadata section you can choose whether to get email notifications when the connection runs or fails to run.
  6. Enter a name for your connection at the top of the page and Save your settings.

Configuring a LiveRamp connection with BlueConic

Setting up the LiveRamp connection

  1. Select Set up and run in the Setup section in the left panel.
  2. Enter your LiveRamp SFTP account credentials. Contact your LiveRamp representative for these credentials: SFTP username, password, and directory.
    How to set up a connection between LiveRamp and the BlueConic customer data platform
  3. Save your setup.

To make the connection work, you have to add at least one export goal, save your settings, and switch the connection on. In the export goal, you specify how data from BlueConic should be linked and mapped to LiveRamp.

Exporting data from BlueConic to LiveRamp

In the left-hand panel of the connection window, select Export data to LiveRamp and follow the steps laid out in the export goal.

  1. Select a BlueConic segment to export profile data from.
    In the top right-hand corner, the number of profiles available for export appears. This number shows how many profiles meet the conditions for the selected BlueConic segment and therefore are available for the export. The actual number of profiles exported might be lower than the number displayed here.

    Note: A BlueConic segment is a dynamic collection of customer profiles that match criteria and filters you define. (LiveRamp segments are fields in a profile's record.)
  2. Link identifiers between BlueConic and LiveRamp.
    Determine how BlueConic profiles and LiveRamp records are matched by linking the identifiers from both systems. Select a LiveRamp field and choose the BlueConic profile property it should match:
    How to map data identifiers between LiveRamp and the BlueConic customer data platform
    If no matching record is found for a BlueConic profile, no data will be exported. Profiles that contain no value for any of the BlueConic identifiers will be excluded from the export. LiveRamp will anonymize the data.
  3. Run the connection. First you need to Save your settings at the top of the page, and turning the connection On. Go to Set up and run to schedule the connection or to run it manually.

Running the LiveRamp connection

To run the connection, turn the connection on at the top of the page and save your changes.
How to run connection between LiveRamp and the BlueConic customer data platform

Use the settings in the Run history section of the Set up and run page. See Scheduling connections for information on running the connection.

Note: BlueConic sends the exported data to LiveRamp's servers as scheduled. LiveRamp processing can take up to three days before the data becomes available in LiveRamp.

Connection status

Once you've set up and saved your connection, the icon at the top of the window reflects the status of the connection.

An arrow runs from BlueConic to LiveRamp, signifying the direction of the data export. When the arrow is green, the connection is ready to be used.

How to synchronize customer data between LiveRamp and the BlueConic customer data platform

In the Data exchange section of the Set up and run page, you can see the number of unique profiles that have been exported via the connection. These are unique profiles -- for example, if the same profile is exported multiple times, it is counted only once.

How to set up and run the LiveRamp connection with the BlueConic customer data platform

Privacy management

Connections can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being picked up. A connection will only process the profiles of visitors who have consented to at least one of the objectives that the connection is linked to.

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