Connection - Profiles In / Out (Insight)

The Connection - Profiles In/Out Insight displays the number of profiles exchanged through import or export between BlueConic and your other data sources.


Use this insight to see the total number of unique profiles exchanged via the connection. You can create insights for all of your connections.

Adding the Connection - Profiles In/Out insight

  1. Navigate to the More > Insights menu.
  2. Click the Dashboard you want to add the insight to or click Add Dashboard to create a new one.
  3. Click the Add Insight button.
  4. Enter "Connection" in the search field and choose Connection - Profiles In/Out.Add-Insight.png
  5. Close the popup window. A new connections overview insight will be added at the bottom of the dashboard.

Configuring the Connection - Profiles In/Out insight

  1. In the new insight, click Configure this insight or use the settings icon mceclip2.png to configure it.
  2. In the Connection dropdown menu, choose a connection to display and click OK.
    If you choose a connection with import only, as in this example, it shows the number of unique profiles imported into BlueConic. 
    Export connections show the number of unique profiles exported from BlueConic, with the green arrow running from BlueConic toward the other system.