Cohort Analysis (Insight)


The cohort analysis insight works based off the data collected by a timespan listener to show the distribution of visitors sharing a start moment and end moment defined in the listener. For example, the time between first visit and first purchase.

Cohort analysis visualizations typically help in comparing campaign responses across different segments:

Adding a cohort insight

This is how you add a cohort insight:

  1. Navigate to the More > Insights menu.
  2. Click the dashboard you want to add the insight to, or click Add dashboard to add a new dashboard.
  3. Click Add insight.
  4. A pop-up window appears. Check the Show all box. Enter "cohort" in the Search bar. Click Cohort analysis. A new cohort analysis insight will be added at the bottom of the dashboard.
  5. Close the pop-up window.
  6. Optional: Move the insight to the right spot on the dashboard by either dragging it or using the cursor keys to move it around.

Configuring the cohort analysis insight

Configure the insight as follows:

  1. Click Configure this insight, or hover over the insight and click the cogwheel icon  on the top right of the insight.
  2. Search and enter the segment that visitor profiles need to be a part of to be considered for this insight.
  3. Select the Time span listener that is gathering the start and end data points for visitors.
  4. Select the time unit for the visualization: days or weeks.
  5. Select the base color for the visualization.

The Cohort analysis insight is a standard plugin.