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Slack Connection

Connections_Slack.pngWhat: The Slack Connection allows you to use BlueConic to push messages about profile activity to your Slack channels in real time.

About BlueConic: The BlueConic customer data platform harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem.

Why: Your team already makes use of Slack to stay on top of the latest. Use this connection to share activity of your known and anonymous users on your Slack channels in real time!


Start by opening the Set up tab and configuring your Slack webhook URL. To create or retrieve a Slack webhook URL, Slack admin rights are required.

In your Slack environment create or retrieve the webhook URL via Customize Slack > Configure apps > Manage > Custom integrations > Incoming webhooks > Add configuration. Copy the URL and paste it into the BlueConic connection. The URL will look something like

Next, open the Send messages to Slack tab or click the Add goal button to add a new send new messages goal. Follow the steps to configure the goal.

  1. Select one or more BlueConic segments of visitors that can trigger a message to Slack.
  2. Select one or more profile properties that should trigger a message to Slack when their value changes.
  3. Set up the message
    1. Enter the Slack channel (<code>#channel</code>) or person (<code>@person</code>) to send the message to.
    2. Enter the name of the sender, as it will be shown in Slack.
    3. Select a color
    4. Enter the message. You can add profile properties to this message, e.g.:
      {{firstname}} {{surname}} (<{{crm_id}}|CRM>) converted.

Privacy management

Connections can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being picked up. A connection will only process the profiles of visitors who have consented to at least one of the objectives that the connection is linked to.


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