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Hourly segment filters

BlueConic lets you create customer segments based on date and time properties. In the Segments window, when you select the date and time conditions profiles must meet to be part of your segment, you select date and time filters. These dates and times are calculated in your local time zone, which BlueConic retrieves from your browser or OS setting.

Date and time locale settings

The date and time shown in the Segments window are formatted and displayed according to the locale set in your BlueConic Account settings. You can find and adjust your Locale by selecting Account settings from the Personal settings menu at the top right corner of the BlueConic navigation bar.


UTC date calculations

Note that BlueConic stores and calculates all dates and times in UTC (coordinated universal time). When the system does its calculation, times are always rounded down to the hour for the most optimal segmentation. As a result, any daily or hourly range you set will include extra rounding time.

For details and examples of how UTC dates and times are calculated for Segment definitions, review the article Understanding how date and time filters work in segmentation.

Viewing the date/time preview

To help you better understand these calculations, when you leave or click outside these input fields, a preview immediately appears to the right of the time measurement dropdown with the exact date/time range that would be used (in your local time zone).



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