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Split multi-value fields data processor

In select BlueConic connections, when setting up a data import or export, you can use the Split multi-value fields processor to take a data field with multiple values and place them into a unique field.

Adding this data processor to a connection

The Split multi-value fields data processor is available in all BlueConic connections that use data processors. You can review the complete list here.

Each of these connections has a specific step on its import and/or export goal page to add data processors (e.g., "Correct your files before the import," "Modify your data before the export"). In that step, use the search box to add "Split multi-value fields"; once added, it appears in a numbered list of data processors activated for that connection.

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For more information, review the full article Using data processors with BlueConic connections.

Configuring this data processor

The Split multi-value fields data processor requires some configuration to ensure that BlueConic imports or exports the data correctly. To make these configurations, click the cog wheel icon next to "Split multi-value fields" in the numbered list of data processors. This opens a window with the following configuration settings:

  • Source field: Enter a data source field that holds multiple values that you want to split.
  • Multi-value separator: Add a character such as a semicolon (;), asterisk (*), or comma (,) to specify where to split one value into multiple values. For example, if a comma is set as the multi-value separator, the value “red, white, blue” would be split into three values.
  • Create target field: Enable the checkbox to add split values to a new field. The original values will be kept in the original field.

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Sample scenarios for using this data processor

Review the following scenarios to see how you would set up the Split multi-value fields data processor to clean up your data for optimal use:

Scenario Example settings Example data
Create new fields for each part of a full address

Source field: Address

Multi-value separator: ,

Input: Boston, MA


  • Boston
  • MA
Store first and last names separately

Source field: Full name

Multi-value separator: 

Input: John Smith


  • John
  • Smith
Save unrelated interests and different data fields

Source field: Interests

Multi-value separator: ,

Input: Sports, Comedy, Housekeeping


  • Sports
  • Comedy
  • Housekeeping
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