Connection Status

Connections control the way data flows between BlueConic and other systems. The icon of a connection shows you an overview of the status of the connection at a glance:

  • It shows the way data flows
  • It shows whether data is flowing
  • It notes configuration errors
  • It notes whether or not errors have occurred exchanging data

In the table below we're using the AdRoll connection as an example, but you'll find it works similarly for other connections. These are all connection status icons and what they mean:

First time configuring the connection, before hitting the "Save" button.
Data is flowing from the external system to BlueConic.
Data is flowing from BlueConic to the external system.
Data is flowing both from the external system to BlueConic and vice versa.
connection-8.png Configuration is incomplete or contains an error, preventing the connection from running.
Data was flowing from the external system to BlueConic, but an error occurred.
Data was flowing from BlueConic to the external system, but an error occurred.
Either no use case is chosen, or data was flowing both ways but an error occurred.

Which statuses are actually available varies per connection, as not every connection supports every form of data flow. 

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