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Synchronize segments and data with Facebook Ad Manager

There are two ways to use your first-party data within Facebook to retarget customers and users, or to build look-alike audiences from high-value segments. Use BlueConic to implement either or both of these options within minutes using the Facebook Advertising Connection.

Facebook data sync 

The primary use cases here are:

A) Retargeting - Target users at specific stages of the customer journey, based on details about the way they've engaged

B) Creating Facebook look-alike audiences - Synchronize segments of high-value users and run acquisition campaigns in Facebook by creating a look-alike or lookalike audience from those segments

How do I retarget customers using the BlueConic customer data platform and Facebook or Meta?
A view of audiences created through BlueConic automation.

Unlike the pixel option (#2 below), this option allows you to synchronize data any time, whether users are on your digital properties or not. Users email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook IDs can be used to synchronize data to Facebook. Segments can be built using only BlueConic data, or that behavioral data combined with more customer data from your CRM and ESP.

Facebook Meta pixel implementation 

Use this option to implement the Facebook Meta pixel by entering your pixel ID number into BlueConic. Then, select data points to pass over to Facebook (e.g. category/section interests, customer lifetime value or CLV, funnel steps reached, other online behaviors, etc.).

After just a few minutes, you've activated a lot of data for retargeting and acquisition campaigns.

How to connect BlueConic CDP customer data with Facebook Instagram and Meta?



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