Engagement Listener

The Engagement Listener automatically scores the engagement level of visitors as low, medium, or high. This can be helpful for source analysis and for segmentation, enabling you to differentiate content, offers/promotions, and other messaging for users based on their level of engagement.

The listener takes the following parameters:

  1. Name: We suggest "Engagement Level".
  2. Page and channel filter: It is likely desirable to allow the listener to score visitation across all pages and channels. If you would like to restrict the channels or pages the listener uses to evaluate engagement, the option exists here.
  3. Thresholds: The Redefine Thresholds link will allow you to choose what percent of profiles will be categorized as low, medium, or high engagement. We recommended distribution of 60/30/10 low/medium/high.
  4. Profile Property: By default this is saved to the Profile Property named "Engagement." There is no need to change this unless you are creating an engagement level listener for a specific channel or area within a channel.

Please note that if you cannot find the Engagement Listener pre-installed in your Profiles > Listeners section you can install it by finding it in the Settings > Plugins section. Click "Add/Update Plugin" and search for "Engagement Listener."


The Engagement Listener is a certified plugin.