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Lotame DMP Connection

How to exchange customer data between Lotame DMP and the BlueConic customer data platform

What: The Lotame DMP connection allows you to use BlueConic customer information to enrich an existing Lotame DMP account. The connection will feed segment information from BlueConic to Lotame in a scheduled batch via Amazon Web Services (S3).

About BlueConic: BlueConic is a Customer Data Platform that harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. Learn more about the BlueConic platform.

Why: BlueConic features a unique data collection engine that stores data at the customer level for known and anonymous users. Look-alike audiences and retargeting campaigns can be greatly improved through the use of this data.

Communication between BlueConic and Lotame depends on a linked Amazon Web Services (S3) bucket that you need to set up.

Adding a Lotame DMP connection

  1. Click Connections in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Add connection.
  3. A pop-up window appears. Check the Show all box. Enter “Lotame” in the Search bar. Click Lotame DMP connection.
  4. The Lotame DMP connection page opens. You can expand or collapse metadata fields at the top of the page (favorite, labels, and description) by clicking the gray chevron.

Getting email notifications for the connection

At the top of the connection page, in the metadata section, you can choose whether to receive email notifications when the connection runs.

  1. (Optional) Add email addresses for email notifications. Select the Email notifications box if you would like BlueConic to notify one or more email addresses if there's a problem running the connection or if it runs successfully. 
  2. Enter one or more email addresses and click OK.
  3. Select whether to receive emails each time it runs or only if the connection fails to run successfully. Click OK.

Configuring a Lotame DMP connection

Set up and run

Exchanging data with Lotame DMP is done via an Amazon Web Services (S3) server. BlueConic will export data to the AWS (S3) location you configure and Lotame will pick up and process the data from there. Read more about Amazon security credentials.

Note that for each Lotame location (Lotame ID/space), you can export only one file per 24-hour period. For this reason, you cannot have multiple connections with the same Lotame ID/space; otherwise your export file would be overwritten.

  1. Enter your Amazon Web Services (S3) access key ID. You can retrieve this via the security credentials page.
  2. Enter your Amazon Web Services (S3) secret access key. You can create a new access key for your account by going to the security credentials page. In the Access Key section, click Create New Access Key.
  3. Select the path where BlueConic will put the export data file.
    Enter the S3 bucket name (without the preceding s3:// that is sometimes shown).
  4. Enter the Lotame Client ID that will be used for user ID sync. Ask the Lotame DMP team what your Client ID is.
  5. Enter the Lotame Client ID space that will be used for user ID sync. Ask the Lotame DMP team what your Client ID space is.
  6. Optional: Enter one or more email addresses in a comma separated list where email notifications of the batch runs will be sent. Leave empty to not send email.
  7. Optional: For notification settings, select when to send notifications: on error, or also on success.

To make the connection work, you have to add at least one export goal, save your settings, and switch the connection on. In the goal, you specify how BlueConic segments should be exported to Lotame.

Export data into Lotame DMP

Select Add goal and Export goal to add a new goal to export data into Lotame DMP.

  1. Select a BlueConic segment using the search bar.
  2. Map the BlueConic segments that should be exported to Lotame.
    You can opt to send all segments of a profile to Lotame.
    How to map customer data between Lotame DMP and the BlueConic customer data platform
    Alternatively, click select specific segments to send only a selection of segments.
    When exporting specific segments, enter a replacement value to be exported instead of the name of the segment.
    How to synchronize customer segments between Lotame DMP and the BlueConic customer data platform
  3. Save your settings and turn the connection on.
    How to run a connection between Lotame DMP and the BlueConic customer data platform

Once you've configured the connection, contact Lotame to make sure the files are retrieved correctly.

Privacy management

Connections can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being picked up. A connection will only process the profiles of visitors who have consented to at least one of the objectives that the connection is linked to.



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