Net Promoter Score (Toolbar)

The Net Promoter Score Toolbar adds a form insert icon to the toolbar of the content editor. This will allow you to add a Net Promoter Score form for the visitor to fill out. When the user submits the form, the score will be stored in the selected profile property of the visitor's profile.

See also: Net Promoter Score (Insight).

Adding a form

To add a Net Promoter Score form at the place of the cursor, open the "Insert object" menu and select "Net Promoter Score question".


Inserting a form will insert a form canvas in the editor and will open a tabbed lightbox with controls to modify the form canvas. The lightbox itself can be repositioned on the page by dragging it using the drag bar on its left side.

The lightbox contains these tabs:

The following sections will discuss each tab in detail.


On this tab you enter the question and link the answer to a profile property.



On the Styling tab you can modify the look of your form and all its fields.

 Available options:

  • Custom CSS URL - Optionally add a URL where custom CSS is located.
  • Custom CSS Code - Optionally enter CSS code to overrule page CSS and CSS of the custom CSS URL.
  • Button label - Enter the text for the submit button.

After Submit

On this tab you specify what happens after the user clicks the button to submit the form.

 Available options:

  • Redirect to Web Page - Enter the web page URL where the user will be redirected after successfully submitting the form.
  • Inline Message - Edit the message to display after successfully submitting the form. The form fields will be replaced by this message.
  • Close Lightbox - When the user successfully submits the form, it will close the lightbox it is in. This assumes that you placed the form in a dialogue of the type "Lightbox".


The Net Promoter Score Toolbar is a standard plugin.