Keyword Interests Listening

Keyword Interests Listening determines an interest ranking of keywords based on the webpages the visitor visits. All encountered keywords are ranked and the top ranking keywords are being stored in a profile property. Keyword data comes from the meta tags for "keywords" and "news_keywords", which can be checked for keyword information based on the "where" settings for a Keyword Interests Ranking listener.

You can always use standard interest ranking listeners to rank interest in article tags or other metadata that exists in your content.

Configure the listener

The Keyword Interests listener takes the following parameters:

Profile Property
Select the profile property where the interests are stored.
Excluded Keywords
Add keywords that should be ignored when picking up interests.
Select the number of interests that are stored.

Privacy Management

Listeners can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being picked up. The listener will only update a profile if the visitor consented to at least one of the objectives that it is linked to.


The Keyword Interests Listener is a standard plugin.