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Google Ad Manager for Publishers Connection

How to connect Google Ad Manager formerly DoubleClick data with BlueConic customer profiles

What: The Google Ad Manager (previously known as DoubleClick) for Publishers connection allows you to implement Google Ad Manager on your website via BlueConic. Use the connection to define additional ad slots and display ad details while triggering ads in Google Ad Manager and passing on targeting parameters to the Google Ad Manager network.

Do not use this connection if you have already implemented Google Ad Manager for Publishers and placed the tag on your website. If the tag is already on your site, and you only want to use key/value targeting, use the Google Ad Manager for Publishers (Targeting Only) connection.

About BlueConic: The BlueConic Customer Data Platform harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem.

Why: BlueConic features a unique data collection engine that stores behavioral, technographic, and geographic data at the customer level for known and anonymous users in real time. Data from other sources (e.g. social sign-on, CRM, marketing database) can also be integrated in real-time or in incremental batches. By providing segmentation details and profile property values to the DFP connection, advertisers can more effectively target specific groups of visitors, improving overall clickthrough rates from your ad-supported channels.

Configuring a Google Ad Manager for Publishers Connection

Configuration takes the following options:

How to configure the Google Ad Manager connection to synchronize dv360 marketing data with BlueConic customer profiles

Google Ad Manager ad unit

Enter the full path of the Ad Unit. This includes the network code and Ad Unit name, e.g. /123456/sports.
Refresh existing Ad Slots
Activate this option to refresh any existing Ad Slots (including the ones configured) with the configured targeting parameters.

Google Ad Manager ad slots

Click Add Google Ad Manager ad slot to add a new ad slot. Hover over an ad slot and click the delete icon on the right to delete it. Ad slot options:

Div ID of Ad Slot
Enter the id of the div tag for the Ad Slot
Ad Slot Position
Select the position for the Ad Slot: inside the page or outside the page.
Width (px)
Enter the width in pixels of the Ad Slot.
Height (px)
Enter the height in pixels of the Ad Slot.

Targeting Parameters

Click Add Targeting Parameter to add a new targeting parameter. Hover over a targeting parameter and click the delete icon on the right to delete it. Targeting parameter options:

Google Ad Manager key
Enter the name of the Google Ad Manager key to set.
BlueConic Value Type
Select the type of value in BlueConic, one of: text, profile property or all associated segments.
BlueConic Value Detail
  • For value type of text: enter the text value to set for the Google Ad Manager key.
  • For value type of profile property: select the profile property that holds the value to set for the Google Ad Manager key.
Applies to
Select "All ad slots" or check every individual ad slot to which this rule applies.



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