Sandbox for BlueConic Partners FAQ


What is the difference between sandboxes for partners and for customers?

The main difference between the two sandbox environment types is that the sandbox for partners can be prepopulated with demo content to be used for demonstrations in sales trajectories for prospects. The sandbox environment for customers cannot be prepopulated and is intended for development usage at existing customers only. See the customer FAQ for an explanation of the sandbox mechanism, and then continue reading the FAQ below, which explains the other differences.


Who can request new partner sandboxes?

Only formal partners of BlueConic (or a certain entity of BlueConic Holding Inc.) can request new partner sandboxes.


Where do I request a tenant as a partner?

There is a separate request form: Request Sandbox for BlueConic Partners.


Can I get a standard demo sandbox?

Yes, you can. You can choose from various preinstalled, pre-configured full demo environments when requesting a new tenant.


What happens when I request a copy of one of the standard demo tenants?

We will make a copy of the requested tenant as as soon as possible, most of the time within a few hours. After copying, we will delete all users in the new tenant, and then create one user, you. We will also add for potential troubleshooting or help. We will send you an email with the URL, the login (email address), and password. You can log in, change your password, and be ready to go.


Can I use this environment for POCs or trials?

No, for any use of BlueConic in production, a signed agreement with the end customer and a tenant on the production environment is required.


What domains are available for sandboxes?

Only hostnames ending on "" are supported.


How many tenants can I request?

Please do not request more tenants than you actually need to do your job. If you need a larger number of tenants for a specific reason, please send a mail to and your request will be taken into consideration.


Can I create or request new tenants for other users?

No, you cannot. You, as an owner of the tenant are solely responsible for the tenants requested by you and tenants assigned to you. Consequently you are responsible for all accounts within the tenants requested by and assigned to you.

Sandbox usage

Can I use the visual profiler on sandboxes?

Yes, this is implemented as an interaction type and works as documented.


Can I use the iPad emulator in the kickstart environment?

Yes, but you have to set up kickstart because the emulator uses Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. We do not have a Browser Extension for IE.


How do I enable traffic generation and setup of segment population?

When logged in into your sandbox BlueConic account, you can go to /demo and start traffic generation and creation of historical data and views/clicks/conversions on all your channels. This works for any sandbox and any universe setup.


Sandbox management and maintenance

How long can I keep the tenant?

We track usage. If we see you have not used a tenant in a long time, we will contact you to see if we can clean and delete the tenant(s) that are no longer actively used. Of course, if you think your tenant can be deleted, please send us a mail.


Can I have a snapshot release or a custom version of BlueConic on my sandbox?

No. The sandboxes are on a shared environment, so we cannot make exceptions for one tenant.


Where can I go to with other questions about sandboxes?

Please use or create a ticket on