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Using the "clickContext" object for defining a value

Using the "clickContext" object for defining a value

There are times when you want to retrieve the value from an element that is relative to the element that the visitor clicked. For example, if there are several products present on a page and you want to store the name of the product that the visitor clicked on in their profile. In this situation, you need to search for a specific HTML element in the area surrounding the HTML element that was clicked.

For example, let's say you have the following HTML on a page:

<div class="product">
  <div class="product-name">Bose Wave Radio</div>
  <a href="#">More Info</a>

When the user clicks the "More Info" link, you want to store the value of the "product-name" div. By entering the following JavaScript expression in the "JavaScript expression" expression field, you can store the name of the specific product that the user clicked in their profile: