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The BlueConic Home tab

The BlueConic Home tab is the central point for the BlueConic user. It shows you at a glance the current activity within your BlueConic channels and offers you direct access to your favorite or last used items in BlueConic. By default, the Home tab consists of some insights that are described in this topic. As with a Dashboard, you can add, remove, or arrange Insights to your liking.

Select the "BlueConic" tab in the top left part of the interface to navigate to the BlueConic Home tab:

How to use the BlueConic Home tab in the top navigation bar of the CDP

Current number of users and device usage

The "Current number of users and device usage" shows the total number of visitors currently active in the channels to which you have edit rights. A visitor is considered active if they have performed an activity within the last five minutes. Your visitors are divided into two categories:

Category Description
Desktop The visitor is active on a web channel using a desktop PC or laptop.
Mobile The visitor is active on a mobile web channel or a mobile app, using a mobile device.

The bar below the total number of visitors is divided into two colors showing the percentage breakdown between Desktop and Mobile visitors. The total number of visitors is updated every four seconds.

Visitor activity

"Visitor activity" shows in real time the current number of visitors and events taking place in the domains to which you have edit rights. The visitors are represented by the dark blue line and the events are represented by the light blue bars. On the left Y axis, the scale for the number of events is shown. On the right Y axis, the scale for the number of visitors is shown. At the bottom right part of the X axis, the present moment is shown and the event and visitor numbers for the last number of seconds flow from right to left. The activity is refreshed once per second. For example:

How to see current visitor activity in the BlueConic customer data platform (CDP)
The scales for the vertical axes are variable and depend on the total numbers that are being counted for the events and visitors.

Activity stream

The "Activity stream" section shows recent activity in BlueConic. You can choose to view either the activity stream for all users in the channels for which you have edit rights, or just your own activity. The following activities are shown in the stream:

  • Creating an item
  • Updating an item
  • Deleting an item

These actions are shown for the following items:

  • Segments
  • Dialogues
  • Listeners
  • Lifecycles
  • External Trackers
  • Variants
  • Domains
  • Channels
  • Users
  • Plugins

The activity appears in descending chronological order with the newest activity at the top of the list and the oldest at the bottom. The description of the activity includes the name of the user who last modified the item, the action that was taken, and the name of the item. The name of the item is also a navigation link to it.


The left column shows the date and time when the activity occurred. If it was today, only the time is shown. In the details column, the name of the user who last performed an action on the item appears, together with the details of the activity. If you performed the action, "I" appears as the username. Activity on favorited items is denoted by a yellow star. If you favorite an item, all activity related to it will show its favorited status in the activity stream. This makes it possible to quickly and easily recognize activity that has occurred in items that you have favorited. If you favorite an activity for an item, the item itself will also be favorited and it will appear in "Favorites."


"Favorites" shows all the items in BlueConic that you have favorited. The name of the item is a link that navigates directly to it which saves you time because you do not have to navigate it using the standard menus. In BlueConic, you can favorite the following items:

  • Channels
  • Connections
  • Dashboards
  • Domains
  • Dialogues
  • External Trackers
  • Group properties
  • Listeners
  • Notebooks
  • Objectives
  • Plugins
  • Profile properties
  • Roles
  • Segments
  • Users

To favorite an item, simply click the white star next to it when you are viewing it in a list. For example:

How do I mark an item or object as a Favorite in BlueConic?

After an item has been favorited, it appears in your list of favorites. For example:

How do I manage the Favorites list in BlueConic?
You can favorite all items that are available to you in BlueConic regardless of who created it. When an item has been favorited, references to it in the Activity stream will also reflect that it has been favorited by you.

Selecting which items are shown in Favorites

By default, all items that you have favorited appear in "Favorites." You can also show only items from a specific category. To do so, expand the drop-down list at the upper left and select the category. For example:

Which items appear in the Favorites box in the BlueConic Home tab?

Changing the order of the favorited items

You can change the order that favorited items appear in the list using drag and drop. Hover the mouse over the left edge of the favorited item until the drag and drop indicator appears. Click and hold the right mouse button down, drag the item to the position where you want it and then let go of the right mouse button. For example: How do I manage the Favorites section of the BlueConic Home tab?


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