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Facebook Connect - Profile Transfer Connection

How to synchronize customer data with Facebook and my customer data platform

What: A BlueConic connection based on the "Facebook Connect - Profile Transfer" type will transfer Facebook profile data to the BlueConic profile, provided that the visitor is logged into your site via Facebook (e.g. by using the BlueConic "Facebook Connect - Login" plugin). The connection also works with your own implementation of Facebook login, as long as it uses the Facebook JavaScript SDK to log a user in.

About BlueConic: The BlueConic customer data platform harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem.

Why: Facebook users are opting into sharing to provide relevancy at every stage of their engagement with your business. This connection can provide enhanced targeting for email, display advertising, and on-site/in-app personalization.

Configuring a Facebook Connect-Profile Transfer connection

Configuration takes the following options:

How to match first-party customer data from the BlueConic customer data platform with Facebook


Load the Facebook SDK (optional)

For the connection to Facebook to work, the website will need to load the Facebook SDK script. This can be done in the page template of your website, or tick the checkbox to have BlueConic add the script to the page for you.

Facebook Application ID (required)

Your website is like an application to Facebook, and the Facebook SDK script needs the Facebook Application ID for your website to work. See the Facebook App Developer pages for help on how to obtain a Facebook Application ID for your website.

Transfer Mapping (required)

Use the "Add Transfer Mapping" button to add entries to the table showing the mapping of Facebook fields to BlueConic profile properties. To create a mapping, select a field from the fixed list of fields that can be selected from the Facebook profile of the user. Then select the corresponding property in the BlueConic profile. Save the connection to store the new settings.

Important to note:

  • To make sure that the visitor is logged in on Facebook, use the "Facebook Connect - Login" dialogue.
  • This type of connection requires no further configuration.
  • You only have to create one connection based on this type.
  • Birthday is stored as a timestamp, however, be aware that people can choose to either store the full date (MM/DD/YYYY), or only the year (YYYY), or only the month and day (MM/DD).

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