YouTube Connection

The YouTube Connection Plugin allows you to set up a connection between BlueConic and YouTube. On its own the plugin does not do anything. It works as an intermediate between another BlueConic plugin and YouTube. For example, the Insert YouTube Edit Toolbar Plugin requires a configured YouTube Connection in order to work.

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Obtaining the YouTube API key

The YouTube connection only requires one setting: the YouTube API key. This is a personal key, bound to your Google login, that is handed out by Google. To obtain your personal key, take the following steps:

  • Open the Google Developers Console and log in.
  • Click the hamburger menu icon on the left to open the navigation menu.
  • Open the "API Manager"
  • Navigate to "Overview" and click "YouTube Data API". Make sure the "YouTube Data API v3" is in the list of Enabled APIs. If this is not the case, click "Google APIs" and enable "YouTube Data API".
  • Next, navigate to "Credentials". Click "Create credentials" and select "API key":
  • Create a new "Server key":
  • Give your new API key a name that will allow you to recognize what it is being used for, e.g. "BlueConic YouTube Connection API Key":
  • Click "Create" to create the API key.
  • You will now get a popup showing your YouTube API key:
  • Copy your YouTube API key to the clipboard so it is ready to be pasted in the next configuration step, and click "OK".

You are now done on the Google side of the connection. Time to continue configuring BlueConic!

Configuring the Connection

Now that you have your YouTube API key, the Connection can be configured in BlueConic:

  • Paste the YouTube API key that you copied in the previous step to the Connection details.
  • Name the connection "YouTube Connection", enable and save it.

Privacy management

Connections can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being picked up. A connection will only process the profiles of visitors who have consented to at least one of the objectives that the connection is linked to.

The YouTube Connection is a standard plugin.