Online Visitors (Insight)

Place this insight in a BlueConic dashboard to see the current number of online customers or visitors in your universe. It's also possible to add up to three stacked bar charts that show how many of those online visitors are present in one or more selected segments. A visitor is considered "online" until 5 minutes after the last page view.

The Insight and its controls

An example of an Insight based on the "Online Visitors" type:

how do I visualize customer traffic in real time in BlueConic?

Online Visitors
At the top of the Insight the current number of online visitors in your universe is shown.
Up to three stacked bar charts
Below the number of online visitors there are up to three stacked bar charts shown; these show the 'distribution' of the online visitors over a few selected segments. These segments can be defined by you in the configuration of this Insight.
The labels below each part of a stacked bar chart can be edited (by clicking on it).



how do I see a report of customer traffic in BlueConic?

Default "Device Type" chart

For the first stacked bar chart it is possible to choose a default bar chart that divides the online visitors into two groups: visitors that use their PC and visitors that use a mobile device. To use this default stacked bar chart, select the "Device Type" option.

Adding / removing and Configuring a chart

  • Click the "Add Bar Chart" link to add another stacked bar chart to the Insight. This link will disappear after you have added the third bar chart.
  • Click the "x" icon to the right of the bar chart title to remove this chart from the Insight.
  • Select the segment(s) that you want to show in the stacked bar chart. The section of the bar labeled "Other" represents the number of online visitors that are no part of the selected segment(s).