Adding & using labels

Using labels (video):


To make organizing your work and managing items easier, BlueConic has the option to add labels to different items. By adding labels to items you are able to find them more quickly or organize them in relevant categories in your navigation widget. All out-of-the-box profile properties created by BlueConic will have a label already assigned.

Adding a label to an item

You can add a label to an item by simply editing the meta-data of an item. Meta-data of items can be hidden. To reveal it, click the "+" icon in the middle of the title underline.

Now that the meta-data is visible, the labels assigned to the object can be seen. To edit labels click the edit box:

If you start typing you will see suggestions of labels that are already in use (and how many items share that label). If the label does not exist it will automatically be added to the list of labels.

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Using labels for quick navigation

When you have added a label to an item, you can quickly navigate to other items that contain this label by clicking on it. This will show in a dropdown other items in your environment that contain the same label. By selecting such an item you will directly navigate to it.


Using labels for filtering item lists

Any labels you create are available to filter item lists. Click on "Filters" and click the "+" icon before "Labels" to display the list of most occurring labels. Next, enable the checkbox of the labels you want to filter the items on. If you do not see the label you are looking for, enter its name in the search box. Next to the label name you see the number of matching items in the list.

Click Done when you are done selecting filters, or Save as filter set if you want to save your selection for later.