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Sandbox for Customers FAQ


What exactly is a BlueConic sandbox?

A BlueConic Sandbox is a playground instance of BlueConic that can be used by developers to program and debug their BlueConic plugins. It is a fully functional BlueConic environment where you can experiment with websites without having to work in the BlueConic production environment. The sandbox is typically used in conjunction with the BlueConic Chrome Extension.

For more detailed information, see: Working with a BlueConic Sandbox.

Sandbox creation

How do I get a sandbox?

Please reach out to your Account Manager and/or Customer Success Manager.


Who can request a BlueConic sandboxes?

Only BlueConic customers can request new sandboxes. If you are a formal BlueConic partner, please check the Sandbox for BlueConic Partners FAQ.


What happens when I request a sandbox?

We will create a new tenant per your request as soon as possible, most of the time within a few hours, and we will send you an email with the URL, the login (email address), and password. We will also add for potential troubleshooting or help. After we provide you with the credentials, you can log in, change your password, and you are ready to go.


Can we copy the data from a production tenant to a sandbox?

No, not at this time.


Is the sandbox environment for production purposes?

No, it is not for production purposes. It is not set up for high traffic and fail-over support. Also, we don’t provide an SLA as on the production environments.


Can I use a sandbox environment as an acceptance or test environment?

No, that is not the goal of sandboxes. It is purely for development purposes.


Can I use the sandbox environment for Proof of Concepts (PoCs) or trials?

No, for any use of BlueConic in production a tenant on the production environment is required, and the appropriate contractual arrangements have to be in place. The sandbox environment is for development purposes only.


What domains are available for sandboxes?

Only hostnames ending on "" are supported.


How many tenants can I request?

A customer can request exactly one tenant. If you need a larger number of tenants for a specific reason, please send a mail to and your request will be taken into consideration.


Can my development partner request a sandbox?

No, that is not possible. A direct Agreement with BlueConic is a prerequisite to be eligible for a sandbox environment. If you have such an Agreement and you want your development partner to have access to a sandbox environment on your behalf you should request a sandbox environment for your organization. As the owner of that sandbox you can grant your partners access to that sandbox. Please note that you as a customer are always completely responsible and liable for any usage (including usage by a Third Party on your behalf) of a sandbox environment that was requested by you/for your organization. As a Customer, you shall not issue any warranties or guarantees with respect to a sandbox environment to any person, which in any way obligates or purports to obligate BlueConic to any such person.

Sandbox usage

Which browsers can I use?

All browsers with a major market share. For development purposes you probably are going to need Chrome, because you need the BlueConic Chrome Browser Extension.


Can I use custom plugins?



I am having trouble with an HTTPS site in the sandbox, now what?

Please contact


Sandbox legal terms, management and maintenance

What are the legal terms related to the use of a Sandbox environment?

If you have received access to a sandbox environment from BlueConic you may use the Service or Beta Release in accordance with the terms and conditions of your Agreement with BlueConic for development (non-production) purposes only. If BlueConic has provided a sandbox environment for your organization for free, BlueConic may terminate or immediately suspend your sandbox environment at any time for any reason without liability to you. BlueConic may revoke your right to use any sandbox environment and any related services at any time without liability and does not guarantee that future versions of your sandbox environment will be made available under the same commercial or other terms. You acknowledge that your sandbox environment may not be complete or fully functional and may contain bugs, errors, omissions and other problems. NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY IN YOUR AGREEMENT WITH BLUECONIC, BLUECONIC WILL HAVE NO WARRANTY, INDEMNITY, UPTIME OR SUPPORT OBLIGATIONS WITH RESPECT TO ANY SANDBOX ENVIRONMENT PROVIDED TO YOU.


Are sandboxes backed up?

Although we make a backup every night (CET), backups are not guaranteed. Rollback to an old version is a manual process, and we do not provide rollback services. If you do need a rollback, additional costs may apply.


Is there a maintenance window?

Yes, every Tuesday, 5 PM ET (23.00 CET) for half an hour. This window will not always be used. When used, downtime is expected to be limited; the maintenance window will mostly be used for rolling out updates or maintenance. We will announce maintenance on


Is two-step authentication available?

Yes. Two-step authentication via email is mandatory, also for the sandbox environments.

Where is the sandbox located?

The sandbox is located on the US East Region (North Virginia) of Amazon Web Services (

It's also possible to request a sandbox located in the EU West Region (Ireland).


Where can I go to with other questions about sandboxes?

Please use or create a ticket on


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