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Using the BlueConic Event API to publish events

The BlueConic JavaScript API offers the ability to publish and subscribe to custom "events".

HTML DOM allows JavaScript to react to HTML events. JavaScript can be executed when an event occurs, such as when a user clicks on an HTML element. These standard click events can be tracked using for example 'Click' rules in a BlueConic Behavior Listener. Sometimes the specific behavior of a visitor on a web page will not result in an HTML event, for example when a someone presses 'Play' in a video player or uses a social media button like 'Facebook Like'.

Developers can use the BlueConic Event API to publish events; you can then subscribe to these events in BlueConic and use this information to enrich visitor's profiles.

Let's say you want to know when a visitor has watched a specific video. The developer of the video player could publish a custom event when the play button is clicked, like this:

window.blueConicClient.event.publish('play_button_clicked',['my Homevideo']);

You can now configure a Behavior Listener to subscribe to this event and set a profile property:

How to use the BlueConic JavaScript API to publish and subscribe to custom events in BlueConic

See the BlueConic JavaScript API reference for events for details.

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