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BlueConic is not working on my website

If BlueConic is not working properly on your website, go through the checklist below to check if everything has been set up correctly.

First, go to the website and open your browser's console window. Type 'blueConicClient'. It should resolve to an Object like this:

How to check in the BlueConic marketing CDP has been set up correctly

If it doesn't: The BlueConic script has not been implemented correctly on your website. See Placing the BlueConic script on your site for details on how to resolve this issue.

If it does:

  • Is the BlueConic script talking to the right BlueConic tenant? You can check this by opening the browser's console again and typing 'blueConicClient.getHostname()'. It should return the hostname (and optionally port) of your BlueConic tenant:

How to resolve set up problems with the BlueConic CDP

  • Has the hostname of your website been configured properly in BlueConic? Make sure the hostname that has been configured in BlueConic exactly matches the hostname you see in the location bar of your browser. Configuring "" in BlueConic does not mean "" will work. There needs to be an exact match. Also, do not include the protocol. This article describes how to add new channels and hostnames.
  • It is possible to explicitly specify a channel identifier in the BlueConic script, instead of it being resolved through a domain. This can be done by declaring a global 'bcChannelIdentifier' variable in the BlueConic script:

    this.bcChannelIdentifier = 'my_special_channel';

    If such an explicit channel has been specified in the BlueConic script, you have to make sure that both the actual hostname (as seen in the location bar of your browser) as well as the explicit channel name are registered in BlueConic as hostname for a channel.
  • Check if the hostname has been configured in more than one channel in BlueConic. A hostname can only be registered for one channel at once.


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