Does BlueConic use cookies?

BlueConic uses first-party cookies to identify profiles with online behavior. The cookie only contains an identifier. A copy of the profile is in browser-memory for manipulation using JavaScript for the individual visitor. All profile data is persisted server side.

BlueConic checks if first-party cookies are disabled; if they are disabled, BlueConic doesn't store the profile, honoring the user's settings.

BlueConic uses third-party cookies to track a visitor when he or she switches from one (web based) channel to another channel (identity transfer). If we detect that the browser is set to block third-party cookies, we honor this setting and only use a profile per unique channel or hostname.

BlueConic can also detect if a user has used the Do Not Track (DNT) signal in the browser. More information about DNT can be found here. The DNT signal is meant to block third parties from tracking you. Because BlueConic is intended for owned channels only, the DNT signal does not apply to BlueConic.

Cookies and ITP

Browser vendors are increasingly adding tracking prevention, for example Apple's ITP, to prevent third parties from tracking visitors to websites. BlueConic and other CDPs are first-party data processors. We do not own the data, you do. We are a subcontractor for you, our customers. Most privacy protection technology is focused on third-party tracking and AdTech, which feels logical as consumers do not expect to be tracked by third parties when visiting a website. 

For details on how BlueConic handles this, see our FAQ: BlueConic, cookies, and ITP

Which cookies are used by BlueConic?

Name Description Domain Expires
BCSessionID Unique identifier for the BlueConic profile. first and third 1 year
BCTempID Temporary unique identifier for the BlueConic profile, removed after BCSessionID is created. third 10 minutes
BCPermissionLevel* Opt-in level (PERSONAL|ANONYMOUS|DO_NOT_TRACK) first 1 year
BCReferrerOverrule Stores a custom bcChannelIdentifier as referrer. For these channels the actual referrer points to the website and not the overrule. The overrule would be lost if not stored in this cookie. third 1 year
BCRefusedObjectives Used to store the identifiers of BlueConic Objectives that were explicitly refused. third 1 year
BCRevision Used to store requests that are sent to BlueConic, but haven't returned yet. On the next page view, if BCRevision still contains values, those requests are sent again, to prevent data loss. This information is now stored in localStorage; when this fails, the cookie solution is used as fallback. first and third 1 year
BCTracking Used for tracking the channel of an external tracker. third 10 seconds
AWSALB Used for load balancing by Amazon Web Services.  third 7 days
AWSALBCORS Used for load balancing by Amazon Web Services, with the SameSite property (for the recent Chrome changes). third 7 days
AWSELB Used for elastic load balancing by Amazon Web Services.  third 1 hour

* Only when using BlueConic Permission Management.