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Data sensitivity settings for timeline rollups

BlueConic features that store or roll up data take into account the data sensitivity settings of data being stored or rolled up, as well as the profile properties that will store the data.

Property IDs and data types must match the profile properties where they are stored. This means you cannot map PII events to non-PII profile properties. (There is one exception: You can store the count of PII properties into a non-PII profile property.)

Key points about data sensitivity and timeline rollups

Keep these points in mind while selecting or changing profile properties or using the query builder for timeline event rollups:

  • Data sensitivity can be changed from non-PII to PII (i.e., made more restrictive), but not the other way around. Learn more about data sensitivity and PII data in BlueConic.
  • You cannot change data sensitivity of a timeline event type property from non-PII to PII if it is used by a timeline rollup that stores this data in a non-PII profile property.



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