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September 2017 product updates

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Welcome to the latest BlueConic product update newsletter. Woohoo!

September has arrived, and for most businesses that means the busiest season of the year is coming soon! Exciting times! Next to new product features, we also have published some interesting articles that might interest you; a checklist to score vendors on their openness and a great blog comparing CDPs and DMPs and whether or not you need both. Worth a read!

Overlays updated!

We have a wide variety of dialogue interactions available. While folks do love to personalize in-line content on their websites, by far the most popular dialogue types used by marketers include the lightbox, the slide-out and the toaster. Todd, our SVP of Customer Success, lovingly refers to these as “the overlays”! We thought it was time to revisit those overlays as they are used so much. We have added various features to make these interactions even more useful:

  • We added the option to have a ‘do not show again’ link or button
  • We aligned the close settings for all three overlay types
  • We added the option to add a close button
  • You can now edit the examples that we provide by default or create your own set of examples to quickly create new overlays

More features to come soon!

How to create a customer personalization strategy with the BlueConic customer data platform

Connection Updates

As the market-leading customer data platform, we’re constantly busy adding both new connections and updating existing connections. This month we have:

  • An updated Mailchimp Connection. Using our new Connection UI, along with the Bulk API from Mailchimp syncing with BlueConic is now even faster. We also added support for ‘interest groups’ based on feedback from our customers.
  • An updated Marketo Connection now also uses our new Connection UI, while also allowing you to export data to Marketo.
  • For Bronto, WhatCounts, Mailchimp, and IBM Marketing Cloud (aka Silverpop), there is now an option to add selected lists to BlueConic profile properties when importing. For example, adding selected lists can be used to specifically target profiles you want to subscribe to a newsletter when they are not yet a member of that list.

How to synchronize customer data from BlueConic with audiences in Mailchimp

All the little things

We know that sometimes the little things make a big difference. Smaller changes of note:

  • We cleaned up the layout of the general tab & the help menu.
  • By request (btw, keep those requests coming!), we added the internal ID to the profile properties overview so you can search on them.
  • For content or product recommendations, you can now select which fields are required in a content collector. If a field cannot be found, the whole item will not be added to the content store.

Coming Soon

A sneak peak at features to come:

  • Even more tweaks and enhancements to BlueConic overlays
  • We already have a client based Krux connection, but one of the unique capabilities of the BlueConic platform is that we are able to create server to server connections. So, we are hard at work to make that happen for Krux
  • Every marketer by now has read about the upcoming GDPR. We are working hard on adding features to make it easier for you to become GDPR compliant when the deadline (May 2018) is near.
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