Visual Form Listener

The Visual Form listener helps you quickly and easily configure Form Listening on your site. Form Listening allows you to set a value for a property in a visitor's profile based on visitor input. You can use the interaction to both set the value of an existing profile property to a particular value as well as add a value to a profile property that supports multiple values. The input from the visitor is derived from a form submitted on a web page.

Visual Form Listening configuration

Simply navigate to the page which has the form you would like to collect data from. BlueConic will automatically highlight forms with a dotted line. Clicking the blue [Select Form] button that corresponds to the form you would like to listen to brings up the configuration menu:


  • The blue checkbox will allow you to include or exclude form fields from the listener.
  • The number in the orange box corresponds to the similarly numbered form field to help identify which field you're working with.
  • The search box allows you to specify which profile property will be holding the data for the corresponding form field. You may choose an existing profile property or create a new one.
  • The gear to the right of the search bar will allow you to select the storage rules for the data.


Once everything is configured, just press the blue [Save] button, close the visual form picker, and your listener will be ready to turn on and run.


The Form Listener is a standard plugin.