Connection Discovery Wizard

When using connections, there is the option to have BlueConic help you set them up automatically. Open "Connections", click the button Add connection button and look for the "Discovery wizard" link at the bottom of the popup:

How to find and use BlueConic connections to synchronize marketing data with your martech stack

Click the link to open the discovery wizard:

How to use the BlueConic discovery wizard to find connections with other marketing technologies

This wizard will lead you through a three step process to discover, select and configure possible connections for a website in your channels.

Start off by adding the web address of the page to analyze. Click "Start Analyzing" to start the analysis of the web page. It may take some time to complete, depending on the speed and size of the page and the number of possible matches.

Next, you will be presented with the result of the analysis in the second step:

How to synchronize customer profile data from BlueConic to other marketing systems

BlueConic will list the marketing systems that it discovered on the page. Connections with a green background are newly proposed connections. Sometimes these connections will need extra information in order to function; if this is the case, the Discovery Wizard will ask for this information.

It is possible that the discovery did not unveil some marketing systems. You can still select these in the list under "More Connections". Simply click them to add them to the list of connections you want to set up.

If you want to skip a connection, click its green checkmark to unselect.

When you are done selecting and configuring, click the button Select Connections to proceed to the final step:

How to connect your marketing technology systems and martech stack to the BlueConic customer data platform

The final step shows you a summary of the previous steps. If you are happy with the result, click the button Start using BlueConic! to finalize the results.