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February 2017 product updates

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Welcome to another product update from BlueConic. As of today, Boston will have more than 10 hours of sunlight for the first time since November and honestly, we’re not sure what to be more excited about: this update or sunshine! Lots of interesting stuff happened the last few weeks in the Martech world. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a popular topic these days, with lots of interesting articles. Two articles that stood out for us and are certainly worth a read:

  • An article on CMSwire that gives an overview of the CDP market, vendors, and value proposition.
  • A great primer on ChiefMartec about CDPs by the inventor of the term, David Raab, including why CDPs are all of a sudden are getting so much attention


Priorities for dialogues

You probably recognize the following situation: You have multiple interactions competing for the same spot on your website. BlueConic switches between the multiple interactions for every view (a mechanism called Round Robin), which is great. But now a much more important interaction is created, and you want to prioritize this interaction over the other ones – at least for a certain amount of time.


For this exact situation we introduce priorities for dialogues! (Feel free to applaud if you feel so inclined.) So, how does it work?

  • On the When tab of a dialogue, you now have the option to set a priority (low, medium, high, highest).
  • When two dialogues compete for the same position in a page, the one with the higher priority wins.

How to do data activation in a customer data platform 

Easy and powerful! Additional things to note:

  • You can directly see which other dialogues compete with the dialogue at the When tab, to be sure you have the priorities in order.
  • When two dialogues have the same priority, we revert to using the round robin
  • You can create your own priorities in General Settings, with your own names!
  • And we added it as an additional column in the object overview, so you can filter on them in the object overview or order on them. You can also use advanced search to filter on the priority.

You asked for it and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Marketo Connection

Marketo is one of the global leaders in marketing automation software with thousands of customers so no surprise that we have multiple customers in common! We’re pleased to announce our new Marketo Connection; with it, you can easily synchronize subscriber data from Marketo into BlueConic, and sync it from BlueConic to other systems.

Coming Soon

Here's a quick rundown of some of the things we're working on that should be announced/available soon:

  • Behind the scenes, we’re still hard at work to further refine both content & product recommendations. With multiple customers using it already, the results easily beat control groups!
  • Support for Person object in Salesforce
  • Webhooks support, allowing us to build more connections, more quickly. If you have additional requests, just let us know.


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