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December 2022 BlueConic Release Notes

Welcome to the BlueConic product release notes. Find the latest new features in the BlueConic platform, new connections, and updates to our APIs.

BlueConic platform status

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Testing new features

Please note that any newly released features may impact existing configurations and require testing before deployment.

What's new in BlueConic 

The latest BlueConic product updates (Release 87) will be delivered to servers from December 2 to 16, 2022.

New and enhanced features

New audit log events added

Additional audit events will now be logged and available in the Audit Event API to allow you to keep better track of security-related behavior. This includes:

  • Merge rules (created, updated, and/or deleted)
  • Password resets (i.e., requesting a new password, changing a password)
  • Updates made and saved on the Privacy settings page, such as:
    • Enabling/disabling legislation zones
    • Changing the opt-in/opt-out designation for zones
    • Adding/removing domains in a domain group
  • Updates made and saved on the General settings page, such as:
    • Enabling/disabling Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Changing BlueConic Support access
    • Adding, editing, and/or removing profile cleanup rules
  • Dialogues (created, updated, and/or deleted)
  • Connection runs
  • AI Workbench runs

Browser detection improved

In light of recent changes with Google Chrome that affect previous methods of browser detection, improvements were made to allow BlueConic to recognize a user’s browser using the User-Agent Client Hints API, in addition to the User-Agent header.

Select domains unsupported in First-Party Hostname Console

Top-level domains that are unsupported by Amazon Web Services as of March 10, 2022, are no longer accepted when creating first-party BlueConic hostnames. (Amazon no longer accepts or renews certificates for these domains.) The affected domains include:

  • .RU
  • .BY
  • Бел - Belarus
  • Рф - Russian Federation
  • .moscow
  • .москва - Moscow
  • .SU - Soviet Union
  • .RU.COM
  • .РУС
  • .RU.NET

Updates made to BlueConic SDK for React Native

Our developers have updated the React Native SDK, as well as the guidelines for building BlueConic mobile apps in React Native for Android. Review the updated documentation for Android developers here: BlueConic SDK for React Native.

Connection updates

Facebook Conversions API now supported in Facebook Advertising Connection

A new export goal using Facebook Conversions API functionality was added to the Facebook Advertising Connection. This new goal, "Export profile data to Facebook," allows you to share BlueConic Timeline events with Facebook to better measure and optimize advertising on Facebook.

Timeline event import/export added to Snowflake Connection

In the Snowflake Connection, a step to import and export BlueConic Timeline event data was added to reduce setup time and eliminate the need for CSV files. 

In step 6 of the import goal page, you can import data from Snowflake into BlueConic Timeline events by selecting a Timeline event type and mapping the correct Snowflake fields into the corresponding event properties.


In step 6 of the export goal page, you can export BlueConic Timeline event data into Snowflake by selecting a specific Snowflake table, selecting a Timeline event type, and mapping event properties to fields in Snowflake.


New Airship Connection added

A new connection for Airship is now available, allowing you to enrich BlueConic profiles with Airship data, as well as export profiles to Airship. Airship allows companies to generate custom messages to consumers via notifications like push notifications and SMS messages. By connecting your Airship account with BlueConic, you can reach a wider audience and create more dynamic segments.

New Copernica Connection added

A new connection for Copernica is also now available, allowing you to enrich BlueConic profiles with data from Copernica subscribers (and vice versa). By connecting BlueConic with Copernica—an email marketing automation tool—you can provide relevant, individualized email content to your recipients.

Authentication method updated for HubSpot Connection

Due to recent changes in the HubSpot authentication API, the authentication method used in the HubSpot Connection was updated. Please contact your Customer Support Manager with any questions.

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