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OneTrust Privacy Management Listener

What: The OneTrust Privacy Management Listener is a global listener that is used to sync OneTrust consent goals with BlueConic profiles. When installed, this listener automatically detects OneTrust purposes associated with visitors.

Why: This type of listener is best for consent management and compliance use cases with OneTrust. Use this listener to consolidate your consent data and create new Objectives using OneTrust data.


This specialized listener was created outside the BlueConic product development team and does not come preinstalled in the BlueConic platform.

Installing the OneTrust Privacy Management Listener

To install the OneTrust Privacy Management Listener on your BlueConic tenant, contact your Customer Support Manager. Once they have added the listener to your tenant, there is no UI or configuration required to activate it.

The OneTrust Privacy Management Listener will always track and execute on your web channels.

Adding Objectives using the OneTrust Privacy Management Listener

Once the plugin is installed, any pre-defined Objectives that OneTrust uses can be installed manually or by using the Notifications menu.

1. Open the notifications menu by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner.

Here you will find the “New Objectives” notification, and you can click "Create" to install all the required Objectives.
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2. You can also create these Objectives manually.
The 5 objectives used by the OneTrust integration with their given IDs are:

  • “Strictly Necessary Cookies” with the ID: iab_purpose_1
  • “Performance Cookies” with the ID: iab_purpose_2
  • “Functional Cookies” with the ID: iab_purpose_3
  • “Targeting Cookies” with the ID: iab_purpose_4
  • “Social Media Cookies” with the ID: iab_purpose_5 

3. Once you have created the objectives, you can inspect and change the title and descriptions of these, as needed.

The OneTrust Privacy Management Listener is now all set and ready to go, and no further configuration is required within BlueConic. To test and validate if consent is being stored properly within profiles, use the BlueConic Simulator and open the "Full profile popup." Here you will notice that after a page view or a change in OneTrust purposes, the profile will automatically update the profile Consented/Refused Objectives (visible at the bottom of the pop-up “Privacy settings”).

Another way to inspect the Objectives is via the “Profiles” tab. For each individual profile, you see all the privacy events on the “Profile privacy management” along with all other privacy settings, such as the Legislation or which Objectives are consented or refused.


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