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Q4-2021 BlueConic Release Notes

Welcome to the BlueConic product release notes. We update this page with each software update of the BlueConic platform. 

BlueConic platform status

Visit for current status updates for the BlueConic platform.

BlueConic Release 82 feature updates

The Release 82 (R82) BlueConic release will be delivered to servers from November 15 to December 1, 2021. New features include:

Enhancements to Lifecycle Reporting

Gain insight into how your customers move through lifecycles and their stages. For each lifecycle and all their stages, BlueConic provides ready-built dashboards full of insights you can use to understand and refine your customer journeys.

New prebuilt Lifecycle Dashboard for each lifecycle

In each BlueConic Lifecycle, you can open a prebuilt dashboard with a range of metrics and insights. Choose Save > Create dashboard in any BlueConic Lifecycle.


Enter a name for the dashboard and click save. You can go to the dashboard to see insights you can use to examine your results more closely and share your insights with others via email.

Each prebuilt Lifecycle Dashboard contains insights for the current Lifecycle and its stages:

Configure your lifecycle dashboard(s) for the timeframe and metrics you need to examine your lifecycle(s) and stages. Note that once you've created the Lifecycle Dashboard, you can easily navigate there from the Related items on the right-hand side of the window.

Learn more about Lifecycle performance metrics and the range of Lifecycle metrics you can see.

New Insight: Lifecycle Stage Transition Chart 

By adding the Lifecycle Stage Transition Chart Insight to a BlueConic dashboard, you can see results for each stage in your lifecycle, and the transitions between stages for a given time period. Using the clock, date, and comparison controls, you set the time period for the data reported in the visualization.

This insight shows the data also available in the Lifecycle Reporting tab, with the added feature of being able to share your results via email using the dashboard's email notifications feature.


New Insight: Lifecycle Performance Over Time

Once you have Lifecycles set up in BlueConic, you can track and analyze each Lifecycle's performance over time. Performance can be measured by the metrics of completions, completion ratios, dropouts, dropout ratios, and number of profiles within the lifecycle.

You can use the Lifecycle Performance Over Time insight to see changes in performance and understand the impact that changes to your tactics (such as adjusting segments or adding touchpoints)or external influences (such as day of the week) have. This insight can be used to analyze an entire Lifecycle or specific stages within a Lifecycle.

New Profile cleanup settings

We have updated and enhanced the profile cleanup settings that enable you to create custom database cleanup rules. Using the new flexible cleanup rules you can identify and purge irrelevant, outdated, or unidentified profiles. If a profile meets at least one of your cleanup rules, BlueConic will purge it. Go to Settings > General to see the new settings in the Profile cleanup section.


Learn more about cleaning up old or unused profiles. Note that these cleanup rules are irreversible, so be sure to check the number and percentage of profiles being deleted, to prevent mistakes. Only users with access to the BlueConic General Settings tab will have access to profile cleanup settings. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on profile cleanup.

Other feature updates

  • Our developers have released several performance enhancements to speed up processing time for data imports and exports.
  • For privacy and compliance reasons, we have removed the export segments download option in the Segments feature. Consequently, the Export Templates insight has been deprecated. You can of course export segment data via connections, API, and AI Workbench notebooks.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for information on any of these new features.

New and updated connections

Our developers have been busy creating and updating BlueConic integrations with other systems. Newly released and updated connections include several martech and social media platforms:

Kafka Connection

The updated Kafka connection in BlueConic lets you listen to Kafka topics and store the results in BlueConic profiles for segmentation, targeting, reporting, or data activation. We’ve also added support for Schema Registry, for use with REST APIs and the ability to configure runtime with JSON.


LinkedIn Connection

The BlueConic LinkedIn connection allows you to enrich LinkedIn with data from BlueConic in order to target audiences on LinkedIn. You can export segment data to reach matched audiences more effectively with digital advertising. This connection supports batch export of BlueConic segments (server-to-server matched audience sync) to create matched audiences in LinkedIn Advertising.


Product Connection (SFTP)

You can use the new Product connection (SFTP) to create personalized product recommendations in BlueConic dialogues by adding your recommended products to the BlueConic product store database via CSV file import. 


Snapchat Connection

The Snapchat connection allows you to enrich data from BlueConic to target Audience Segments on Snapchat. With this connection, you can export BlueConic profiles to create custom Audience Segments in Snapchat via a batch run.


TikTok Connection

With the new TikTok Ads Manager connection to BlueConic, you can synchronize data between BlueConic segments and your custom audiences in TikTok Ads Manager. Target custom audiences on TikTok based on customer segmentation data in BlueConic.


Learn more

We are always eager to hear from our customers. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details on any of these new features, insights, and connections. 


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