Overview of the Google Connections in BlueConic

What: The BlueConic platform has a variety of built-in connections with some of the most popular Google products. This article lays out the differences between each connection so you know when and how to use them.

Why: Transfer customer data from and to Google systems to enrich BlueConic profiles with anything from website analytics to advertising insights to real-time streaming. This data can then be utilized directly within BlueConic or synchronized out to other marketing platforms to interact with users and enable right-time messaging. Or, enrich data and enhance capabilities within Google platforms by using data collected by BlueConic and other systems.

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Available Google Connections in BlueConic

Currently, BlueConic has the following Google connections available within the platform's connection library:

Logo Connection Knowledge Base Article Use Case
gtm.svg Google Tag Manager (GTM) Google Tag Manager Connection Importing BlueConic data to Google platforms (Analytics and Ad Manager) and vice versa to create rich, unified profiles
analytics.png Google Analytics Google Universal Analytics Connection Connecting BlueConic customer data to learn more about website visitors and traffic trends
admanager.jpeg Ad Manager Ad Exchange Google Ad Manager Connection Using BlueConic data to create customer segments that optimize advertisement targeting and efficiency

Ad Manager for Publishers

(previously DoubleClick)

Google Ad Manager for Publishers Connection

Using BlueConic data to create customer segments that optimize advertisement targeting and efficiency

Screen_Shot_2021-07-06_at_1.22.14_PM.png Google Ads Customer Match Google Ads Customer Match Connection Matching customers between BlueConic and Google-owned channels to create more personalized advertisements
bigquery.png Google BigQuery Google BigQuery Connection Exporting BlueConic data to BigQuery for further cleansing, visualization, and analysis
pubsub.svg Google Cloud Pub/Sub Google Cloud Pub/Sub Connection Streaming data in real time between BlueConic and Google Cloud

Privacy policy

Before connecting your BlueConic data with Google connections, please review our Google connection privacy policy.

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To learn more about connecting with BlueConic data with Google platforms, contact your Customer Success Manager at support@blueconic.com