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Best practices for names and labels in BlueConic

The BlueConic Customer Success team has collected tips for naming and labeling items such as BlueConic profile properties, segments, listeners, connections, dialogues, insights, lifecycles, and notebooks. Following these best practices will and help you and your colleagues work together more efficiently in BlueConic.

Tips for creating names, labels, and descriptions

  • Plan your labels and keywords before you create new items.
  • Use labels and keywords consistently over time.
  • For navigating quickly from one item to another, click on labels in the item's metadata.
  • Use short names for profile properties, because these names reappear in rules and other parts of the UI.
  • Names for items such as listeners and dialogues can be longer and more descriptive.
  • You do not need to use underscores or dashes in longer names; using spaces works just was well.
  • Prefix item names with keywords. This is powerful when using search, sorting similar items, easily scanning item names.
  • Use keywords relevant for your organization, for example:
    • Data origin or source
    • Brand or content section
    • Team or user
    • Year or season
    • Campaign ID


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