Dialogues and Lifecycles

Lifecycles enable you to organize and sequence the marketing touchpoints along customer journeys. BlueConic lets you add dialogues as marketing touchpoints in sequenced stages along a customer journey.

Key points: Placing Dialogues in Lifecycles

  • Dialogues that are placed in a lifecycle stage are shown only to profiles in that stage of the lifecycle (and subject to threshold limits).
  • Dialogues with lifecycles are shown to profiles that meet the lifecycle criteria, the lifecycle stage criteria, and all the criteria listed on the dialogue's Who tab.
  • If you add a dialogue you’ve previously created to a lifecycle, it will only show to profiles within that lifecycle. For this reason, reusing existing dialogues should be done with care.
  • A best practice is to create or reserve dialogues solely for use in the lifecycle, instead of reusing dialogues you expect to use apart from the lifecycle.
  • Turning a lifecycle on or off has implications for which profiles are exposed to dialogues included as marketing touchpoints. Turn the Lifecycle on first, and then turn related dialogues and connections on. See Turning lifecycles on or off for details.

Dialogues and Lifecycle Priority settings

Lifecycles have priority settings that overrule individual dialogue priority settings.

You can assign priority settings to Lifecycles that govern when competing dialogues are shown to profiles across lifecycles. This lets you prioritize what displays on site without having to set up individual priorities for each dialogue.

See Adding marketing touchpoints to for details on adding dialogues as touchpoints in a lifecycle stage.