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September 2020 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current release notes, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

Back to school and back to basics

It’s September – and “back-to-school” always feels like a good time to review the basics. BlueConic is committed to enabling you with tools and strategies to govern and manage access to your BlueConic environment. As a reminder, members of your organization are responsible for provisioning access to BlueConic.

User accounts: Adding or deleting users and resetting passwords

Account administrators can quickly and easily give stakeholders access to BlueConic (e.g. creating user accounts, deactivating user accounts) and reset passwords. Today, there should be dedicated account administrators with your organization with ownership over this process. Right now is a good time to determine who these individuals are, and if there is only one, designate others who can help manage the responsibility. More detailed instructions for how to administer BlueConic user accounts as well as manage password resets can be found on our Knowledge Base.

How to reset your BlueConic password

For security purposes, if you forget your BlueConic password, please contact your BlueConic administrator at your site for help with resetting your BlueConic password.

To make it easier to recover your password in the future, you can also provide BlueConic with your mobile number, to receive a temporary PIN via text message, making it easier and quicker to reset your own password. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details.

Updates to iOS Mobile SDK for Apple iOS 14

At the yearly Apple developers' conference, Apple announced new data privacy and security changes to IDFA (identifier for advertisers) for iOS 14 that affect all iOS mobile SDK developers. Updates to Apple's privacy policies will require mobile SDK apps to notify and request permission to track in order to collect the user's Mobile Ad ID beginning in 2021. 

Our developers are monitoring Apple's privacy policies and creating a new BlueConic iOS SDK, which will no longer be able to autodetect and collect the Mobile Ad ID via the BlueConic Global Listener. If you want to release a new version of your app to the app store, you will need to integrate this new SDK and meet Apple's privacy requirements. If you choose to collect these data points, you will need to request user permissions, and can use our new method “setMobileAdId”. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on these changes.

[Edited to reflect Apple's updated timetable and developer news about this change.]

Product updates and enhancements

In the Google Universal Analytics Connection, you can now export usage data to a named tracker using the new Tracker name step in the connection's export goal. So if you have multiple trackers, you can select which tracker to export data to.


Coming soon!

Our developers are working to enhance the Mailchimp Connection to enable you to import several Mailchimp subscriber statuses for your profiles: subscribed, unsubscribed, pending, or cleaned. This will enable you to quickly create customer segments based on users' mailing list or audience status.


Behind the code: BlueConic development architecture

BlueConic software engineer Paul Rütter describes how BlueConic's development team builds the platform using a plugin architecture on our blog: Building pluggable code at scale


Customer Academy Webinar: BlueConic Dialogue Optimization

This month's BlueConic Customer Academy webinar shows you how to get the most out of optimizing and testing dialogues and variants. Learn from BlueConic experts the best practices for optimizing dialogues, from A/B testing and other optimization strategies to profile properties for tracking views and conversions.

Want to learn more about BlueConic Customer Academy? Contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more and to access webinars and resources.


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