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May 2020 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current release notes, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

New Power BI Connection

With the new Power BI connection, you can export BlueConic profile data to Microsoft Power BI, to analyze and visualize your data with Power BI. 

How do I use the Power BI connection to export BlueConic profile data to Microsoft Power BI for reporting and analytics?

Learn more: BlueConic connection to Microsoft Power BI

Using Data Processors to filter or transform data imports 

BlueConic offers some powerful tools to help you clean, filter, or transform data that you import via CSV files with the Amazon S3 or SFTP connections. Data processors can clean up or transform your data on import, to store data in normalized format, or to remove variations in addresses, for example. This helps you to ensure that data being imported is validated, corrected, and cleansed.

How does BlueConic do data preprocessing, data cleansing, or data normalization when importing transactions, orders, and profile data?

Installing data processors

To have these processor plugins installed in your BlueConic environment, contact your Customer Success Manager. Learn more in the BlueConic Knowledge Base: Using BlueConic processors with S3 and SFTP connections.

New BlueConic Chrome Extension

New from Google Chrome is the free BlueConic Chrome extension, version 1.0.15. You can install it directly from the Chrome web store.

Changes to existing features

Coming soon

  • Stay tuned for a newly revamped Salesforce Connection.
  • Our developers are working on new connections to Bluecore and also to Copernica.
  • A brand new listener to track views and events on AMP pages.


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