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March 2020 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current release notes, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

New Interest Ranker 2.0 Listener

With the new Interest Ranker 2.0 Listener in BlueConic, you can focus your data collection on customer interests and use that information to develop individualized marketing geared toward each customer's top interests. The smart content collector can even gather customer interests from on-page content, using AI-based natural language processing. 
How to collect customer interest data and keywords using AI, NLP, and data collectors using the Interest Ranker 2.0 Insight in BlueConic

Use the new Interest Ranker to:

  • Detect interests: Collect customer interest data based on content browsing, buying habits, customers' preferred products or content items, etc. Smart content feature uses NLP to detect keywords from page content.
  • Create custom data collectors: Configure custom rules that look for (or exclude) certain keywords, meta tags, or page URLs.
  • Calculate interest scores: As you collect this data in customer profiles, you can calculate interest scores that you can activate in customer segments or for individualized marketing. Set decay periods to adjust scores over time.

 Learn more about detecting customer interests with the new Interest Ranker 2.0 listener.

New connection goals for Shopify order imports

New capabilities in the BlueConic Shopify Connection let you import Shopify order data into BlueConic profile timelines. You can also record product information in a BlueConic product store, to feed BlueConic product recommendations. or use Shopify data to calculate a customer's lifetime value with the CLV Notebook in AI Workbench.

How to import Shopify customer order data into customer profile timelines using the ecommerce Shopify Connection in the BlueConic customer data platform

Find the details on how Shopify order events are imported to BlueConic here: importing transactional order data from Shopify to BlueConic.

New Insights

Segment Comparison Insight

Our developers have created a new way to measure how profile properties compare over multiple customer segments. With the new Segment Comparison insight, you can compare up to 10 profile properties across multiple customer segments in BlueConic. For example, as shown here, you can compare average order value  across several segments of customers.

How to compare customer data in customer segments using the Segment Comparison Insight in BlueConic

Learn more about the Segment Comparison insight.

Profile Distribution Graph Insight

New this month is the Profile Distribution Graph insight that lets you see how profiles in a particular segment are distributed across a range of values for a particular profile property. You can even plot these ranges against another profile property. 

For example, for a segment called "Active Orders" you might want to see how the average order value is distributed across customer profiles in this segment.

How to visualize data distributions for customer profile data using the Profile Distribution Graph Insight in BlueConic

Learn more about the Profile Distribution Graph insight.  

All the little things

  • New columns appear in the Users table showing each BlueConic user's email address and domain. In the BlueConic navigation menu, open the BlueConic Settings menu and select Users to see the update.
  • Enhancements to improve the way data imports use wildcards and quote characters.

Coming soon

  • A new AI Workbench notebook using AI to calculate customers' propensity to churn.
  • New churn analysis notebook to compare churn for different customer segments.
  • Enhanced support for data collection for AMP.
  • Connections: New connection between BlueConic and Bluecore and updates to the S3 Connection.



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