Incognito Listener

The BlueConic Incognito Listener detects when someone is visiting your site or channels using incognito or private mode. BlueConic stores the value "on" or "off" in a profile property that tracks incognito browsing, which you can use in a segment for targeting these visitors. 

Which incognito browsers can BlueConic detect?

The Incognito Listener detects incognito mode in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

Note: The Incognito listener does not work on Safari mobile or desktop browsers.

Configuring the Incognito listener in BlueConic

You can choose where to detect the incognito or private browsing: on all pages in all channels, or only in some.

Profile property
Select the profile property where the detection result is stored (or create a new profile property here). The default name is "Incognito/Private Mode Detected." You can use this profile property or select a different one here

How can I detect browsing in incognito mode or private mode with BlueConic? How can a customer data platform detect incognito browsing?

When Incognito/Private mode is detected, the value "on" will be stored in this profile property. Otherwise, the value "off" will be stored. You can then use the Profile property "Incognito/Private Mode Detected" to target this audience with a special offer, subscription form, or other messaging.

How can I target people using incognito browsers, incognito mode, or private mode using BlueConic?

Detecting incognito or private mode can take some time, which is why the profile property may not be set for certain profiles.

This insight shows sample incognito traffic for a content site, comparing daily incognito visitors using different browsers.


Learn more about detecting incognito mode and private browsing

Contact your BlueConic Customer Success Manager for more information about installing and running the Incognito Listener to detect whether customers, readers, or visitors on your site are using private or incognito browsers.

Note that BlueConic also offers a listener that detects when visitors are using an ad blocker. Learn more about using BlueConic to detect and target customers and visitors who browse your site using ad blockers.




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