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September 2019 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and CDP use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current BlueConic product updates, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

New product recommendation algorithms 

Welcome to the BlueConic product newsletter. This month's new features help you deliver individualized product recommendations to drive sales. The BlueConic product recommendations toolbar now supports two new product recommendation algorithms:

  1. Products carted most often, which boosts products that customers most often placed in the shopping cart during the defined time frame.
  2. Products bought most often, which boosts products customers bought the most during the defined time frame. 

How to create individualized product recommendations in the BlueConic customer data platform

Note that to create personalization based on shopping cart behavior, you need to customize the Product Collector to collect shopping cart data. Learn more about how you can use personalized product recommendations with a Product Collector to drive product sales.

Product updates and FAQ on ITP and third-party cookies

Apple's announcements about ITP and changes to the way browsers store third-party cookies underscore the importance of first-party customer data. See the new BlueConic FAQ on ITP and cookies to learn how BlueConic helps you manage first-party data: 

  • What is ITP? What has changed and what's on the horizon? 
  • How does the demise of third-party cookies impact marketing attribution and ad targeting?
  • How does BlueConic help you rely on first-party data to deliver more individualized marketing?

Updates to how BlueConic stores profile IDs

Our developers have updated the way BlueConic stores profile UUIDs to use another browser technology: localStorage. This technology is an alternative to cookies, but only works for the visited website, not for other domains of that same website or even third-party domains. The BlueConic storage mechanism works by storing the profile UUID in localStorage, synchronizing the UUID to client-side cookies, and, depending on what browser the visitor uses, synchronizing to first- or third-party cookies as well.

Product updates coming soon

  • Further enhancements to importing product order events will provide additional options for adding orders and purchase events to individual customer profiles via the BlueConic SFTP connection. Use this order event data to enhance product recommendations, calculate customer value metrics in AI Workbench, and more. 
  • Added support for page view events coming soon in the BlueConic Firehose connections for the Microsoft Azure Events Hub, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, and Amazon Kinesis connections.
  • Planned updates to the Python package in AI Workbench will include bulk profile updates based on unique identifiers, retrieving notebook execution results, and improved profile filtering options.
  • Our developers are hard at work on a new feature you can use to embed up-to-the-minute personalization in emails. Stay tuned for some exciting new ways to send email with content and product recommendations that update when your customers open their email.
  • Coming soon: single sign-on (SAML) support for logging into your BlueConic tenant!



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