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August 2019 Product Updates

New developments in the BlueConic AI Workbench

The new BlueConic AI Workbench lets you run machine learning models in real time across your entire profile database – to create custom models, enrich profiles with customer scores, build smarter segments, create new data visualizations, and more. We've got some new developments this month to help you share AI insights and results.

Online demo: Watch BlueConic expert developer Bart Leusink demonstrate the power of AI Workbench.

AI Workbench Notebook Insights

We have created new Insights for you to show the results of your AI Workbench models. Your data scientists and engineers can now create dazzling data visualizations with AI Workbench, and you, the marketer, can embed the visualizations in new or existing Dashboards or email them to colleagues.

Notebook - All cells insight

How do I do machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI marketing models with CDP customer marketing data, profile data, and BlueConic customer segments?

Notebook- Single cell insight

How do I see machine learning and AI marketing models running against first-party customer profile date in the BlueConic CDP?

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Know your customers and visitors better

New Segment Profile Count Insight

The new Segment Profile Count Insight helps you gauge how many of your profiles belong to a certain segment. It shows both the total number of profiles in the segment, and the percentage of all visitors this represents.

So, for example, to see how many of your profiles have profile origin information (did they arrive via web, in a connection, through an app, etc.?), you can use this insight to see how many and what percentage of all profiles have a value for the profile origin property.

How do I increase my BlueConic customer recognition ratio to measure customer recognition online in a CDP?

Coming soon

Our developers are working hard this summer on new features, connections, and updates to the platform. Stay tuned for:

  • New listener for capturing customer interests
  • New dashboards to learn more about your profiles
  • All new connections

Summer reading

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