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July 2019 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and CDP use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current BlueConic product updates, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

Introducing AI Workbench!

Our developers have been working hard to bring you the new BlueConic AI Workbench. You can run machine learning models in real time across your entire profile database – to create custom models, enrich profiles with customer scores, build smarter segments, create new data visualizations, and more.

Build, train, and deploy AI models against your profile data

Data scientists can create custom models in Python in the built-in Jupyter notebooks. See the AI Workbench API reference documentation.

How do I measure CLV customer lifetime value for marketing using machine learning and AI marketing in the BlueConic CDP?

Marketer-friendly UI

Marketing teams can supply data to AI models or run the models themselves via the AI Workbench user interface, without having to edit or write any code. Learn about use cases for applying machine learning to your data.

How do I use BlueConic CDP's AI Workbench to measure customer marketing metrics using AI marketing models, machine learning, and predictive analytics?

Learn more about the new AI Workbench.

New Recommendations insight for top articles and products

New in the insight gallery is the Recommendations: Top items insight. Find out which of your content and product recommendations are receiving the most clicks or views. Enter a specific Content or Product Collector Connection to see the top results.

How do I measure content and product recommendations, marketing personalization, and individual marketing metrics for BlueConic CDP customer segments and customer profile data?

Learn more about the top recommended items insight, and about delivering recommendations in BlueConic.

New data for mobile app developers

Are you developing a mobile app that uses BlueConic data? See the list of data collected by the BlueConic global listener.

Updates to BlueConic Connections

  • New options for matching identifiers in the IBM Marketing Cloud (Silverpop) Connection enable you to match BlueConic profile IDs with data in your IBM Silverpop database.
  • We have added support for using either the authorization code flow or the client credentials flow OAuth 2.0 authentication with the Webhook Connection.

Summer plans

Stay tuned for new developments from the BlueCrew this summer.
Coming soon:

  • A revamped, more flexible Interest Ranker listener
  • New insights to help you make the most of your segments
  • Enhancements and updates to existing features


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