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Monitoring streaming firehose connection traffic

Firehose connections allow you to stream BlueConic data and events to cloud-based event queueing systems in real time. Available connections are: Amazon Kinesis connection, Google Cloud Pub/Sub connection, and Microsoft Azure Event Hubs connection.

Monitoring firehose traffic data

With the potential for passing large amounts of data to the firehose, you'll want to monitor your firehose traffic data. In the BlueConic settings > General section, you can monitor your firehose traffic metrics by clicking Firehose traffic breakdown. A pop-up window opens with list of all streaming goals and the firehose traffic they generated. See General Settings for details.

Account usage limits 

Note: By using a firehose connection, you will create a stream of data on the network and infrastructure of BlueConic and its third-party suppliers. To prevent excessive use of this capacity by Users, certain fair use policies (subject to change by BlueConic from time to time) apply to the use of this connection. The usage limits on this traffic that are applicable under this fair use policy can be found by clicking on the BlueConic Settings icon in your BlueConic tenant and by selecting the [General] settings. The aggregated maximum amount of traffic you are allowed to generate under our fair use policy is specified in the column “Subscription” of the “Firehose traffic” table. Your actual usage is also specified. If at any time you (need to) generate more traffic than the specified fair use maximum in the Subscription column and you want prevent additional charges, stop using this connection or contact your BlueConic Account Manager for a quote immediately. Either way your continued use of this connection constitutes your acceptance of any additional charges or Fees as they may apply.


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