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September 2018 Product Updates

Note: You've landed on some older release notes from our early days. Learn about current BlueConic features and CDP use cases in the BlueConic Knowledge Base.

Most recent BlueConic product updates

For current BlueConic product updates, visit the BlueConic Release Notes page.

New Date Filtering for Recommendations

Now you can more easily ensure your content and product recommendations only show items based on the latest articles published or the most recent products added!

On the Recommendations Filters tab, you can add filters based on `publicationDate` or other `date` properties associated with recommendations item pages, as long as the page property name ends in ``.

  • Filter before/after a specific date
  • Filter items older then 7 (or other values) days/hours
  • Only show items that are between two dates

How to do create personalized content recommendations and product recommendations with BlueConic

Content Recommendations Date Filters

How to create customized individualized marketing with personalization and BlueConic product recommendations

Product Recommendations Date Filters

Complex Segmentation Management Now Available

In last month’s product update, we gave you an expanded preview of the segmentation enhancements that would soon be available. And now they’re here!

We’ve made it easier for you to manage complex segmentation hierarchies in BlueConic.

  • Create base segments with related segment extensions using ‘AND’ in the definition. This means you only have to update a base segment once, and then all its related segment extensions will update too!
  • Explicitly select objectives for segmentation.
  • When creating a Dialogue, you can do all of above in the ‘Who’ tab, and you can also reuse existing segments anywhere in the segment definition.

As an added bonus, we made a few extra updates we think you’ll also like:

  • New ‘loading spinners’ so you can see when BlueConic is loading something.
  • Segmentation is now blazingly fast, so hopefully you won’t see those spinners often!
  • When segmenting on ‘text’ based properties, you will now see ALL values, not just the top 1,000.
  • Opening an existing segment is now much faster.

More Matching for the Facebook Advertising Connection

We upgraded our Facebook Advertising connection to facilitate better matching between your BlueConic profiles and Facebook users for Custom Audiences. In addition to unique identifiers like email address and phone number, you can now also match audiences based on country code, state, city, country, zip code, birthdate, or gender.

If you have any of that data available offline, for example in your CRM or your ESP, you can now send that data using BlueConic to Facebook to increase Custom Audience matching. Based on this data, Facebook will use a smart algorithm to match more users with BlueConic profiles, meaning you can reach a wider but also highly targeted audience with your ads.

We also optimized the Facebook Advertising connection for much better performance and better data (like automatically adding a country code for a phone number for better match rates).

If you’re not using the Facebook Advertising connection yet, watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about using this connection to build more sophisticated Facebook Custom Audiences, eliminate manual list uploads, and comply with individual consent.

All the Little Things

  • The Google BigQuery export is now sending the data in a file, which makes the export much faster. In the previous version each profile was exported one by one. Now the connection collects all profiles, adds it to a file, zips the file and sends it to Google BigQuery.
  • Our Datalayer, Google Tag Manager, and Adobe Target connections now contain a new option to configure the separator of the exported values OR export them as a list.
  • We introduced the Lotame DMP connection in the August product update before running into a small issue, which is now resolved. You can now find the Lotame DMP connection in the gallery.
  • Profile merging works better, especially when you have multiple identifiers. We also created a support page that explains how merging works and how we limit merging to protect data integrity.

A Sneak Peek of Features to Come

  • Our Firehose, introduced in February, is almost out of beta. We are also adding features like sending all views, clicks and conversions (and other custom events) to the firehoses.
  • We are working on introducing decimal, email, and currency profile property types.
  • More recommendations improvements; configure recommendation algorithms that can be used as ‘fallback’ recommendations when there aren’t any recommendations to show anymore, or the ability to set different recommendation algorithms per item.
  • More connections updates, like with Google Universal Analytics, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly known as ExactTarget).

How to use the BlueConic Data Layer connection and Google Universal Analytics, Salesforce


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