Time Span Listener

The time span listener captures the time - in days - between two profile properties being populated with a value. For example, a time span listener can help you track the time between a someone visiting your website for the first time and making a first purchase.

Time span data can be visualized with Cohort Analysis insights to compare effectiveness over time. 

Adding a new Time Span Listener

  1. Click Listeners in the navigation bar.
  2. Click Add Listener.
  3. A pop-up window appears. Check the Show all box. Enter "time span" in the search bar. Click Time Span Listener.
  4. The Time Span Listener page opens. You can expand or collapse metadata fields (favorite, labels, and description) by clicking the gray + or .

Configuring the Listener

  1. Select the profile property that defines the Start moment by entering its name in the box.
  2. Select the profile property that defines the End moment by entering its name in the box.
  3. Click any value is set and select whether the profile property can be set with any value to mark the end moment, or whether only specific values will mark the end moment. Enter and add the values that you want to allow.
  4. Select the profile property where you want to store the number of days between start and end moment. This profile property should be available for segmentation, be of type "number" and "no unit".

Privacy Management

Listeners can be added to Objectives, allowing for privacy management of the information that is being picked up. The listener will only update a profile if the visitor consented to at least one of the objectives that it is linked to.


The Time Span listener is a standard plugin.